3 Top Ecommerce Secrets Revealed with Koala Inspector

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Want to know what the experts aren’t telling you? You can quickly boost sales at your online store in just a few clicks. Discover the 3 top e-commerce secrets revealed with Koala Inspector.


There are various online tools available for a more or less comprehensive analysis of Shopify stores. Among different useful extensions for eCommerce, Koala Inspector analyzes your Shopify competitors and has an outstanding reputation. Let’s read more on this!


What Is Koala Inspector?

The Koala Shopify Inspector is a tool for Shopify merchants and dropshippers who desire to perform their competitors’ analysis and legal spying. It comes as an extension to install and use.

It’s an excellent tracking tool to examine your competitors’ products and much more details along with their winning formula.

You can find almost every aspect of the Shopify store you want to spy on. But among all, three essential or must-know things are the products, Apps they use, and store theme. Let’s go into detail about how these 3 points are crucial to know.


Top Ecommerce Secrets Revealed by Koala Inspector:

If you are a dropshipper, it may be interesting to know how your competitor is getting traffic, the number of products, and the price range in the store. Having Koala Store Inspector by your side can help you fetch helpful details and secrets which you can further use to become successful.

  • Competitor Products

It is best to analyze the products in the shop. The feature can help you find the best products of the brand and the last ones added to the catalog. You can figure out the bestsellers to the newest products, first and last published products, the number of products, and even the price range that a specific store offers. Isn’t it great to know about all these products related details?

  • Online Store Apps

One of the notable utilities of using a Shopify Inspector is identifying which Shopify apps your competitor is using.

The tool lists out all the free and paid apps installed in the Apps section of the opponent.

In short, this feature is fantastic as it enables all to discover which app is helping your rival to gain more profits.

  • Shopify Themes

The Shopify theme determines how your website will look and how it will function. Your choice of theme must be based on your industry and the branding of your business.

A good theme;

  • Make a good impression
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Engage more customers


Hence, it is significant to know which theme your competitors’ are using. It will help you decide what kind of theme you should take to make your website more appealing.

If you want to find all that information about your competitors, you can download Koala Apps’ Shopify Inspector Google Chrome Extension.

Using our app, you can reveal the following secrets that too in a single click:

  • Bestsellers
  • Traffic monthly visit
  • Traffic sources & countries
  • Apps
  • Themes
  • Newest products
  • Social Links
  • First and last published products
  • Number of products
  • Price Range


Plus, Koala Inspector helps you save time and hassle while setting and managing your eCommerce store. Download Koala Inspector to find out about your competitors and improve your site collections and campaigns.

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Reveal competitors' Secrets In One Click

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