Weekly Top 9 Shopify Stores
Wrought Iron Haven
Mat BlacQ
Alba Paris
AromaTech Inc.
Be Easy Trendy
BeBella Cosmetics
How can I find products to sell online using Shopify Inspector?
Finding products with Shopify Inspector has never been easier!
All you have to do is click on the “Products” tab, you will be able to see the best sellers of the most successful shops. You can combine that with the “Analytics” tab, to see the numbers behind those products!
How can I find the best Shopify Apps that will increase my sales using Shopify Inspector?
It’s so easy to find out what Apps can give the most value to your shop.
Explorer a shop in the same niche as yours, and open the Inspector to find out what Shopify Apps they are using.
With an interactive UI and great UX, you can click on the app logos and you will be sent directly to the Shopify app store page.
How can I find the best Shopify Theme that will match my products?
Shopify Inspector can show you new themes on each store you visit.
Open Shopify Inspector on the relevant store and find out what theme is in use, what is its name. If it is a custom theme, you can search on google for its name, otherwise, on a single click, you’ll be redirected to the theme store.
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