3 Tips to Stay Ahead of Your Competitor Ecommerce Store

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Competitor E-commerce Store

Are you thinking about how to widen the customer base or enhance sales among so many competitors? Here are three tips to stay ahead of the Competitor E-commerce Store! Take a look!

There are about 24 million eCommerce sites across the entire globe. And, in the era of social distancing and staying home periods, many people are only making purchases online.

However, as much as eCommerce shops are there, as much competition is there. Hence, it is time for businesses to use effective marketing tactics to leave the competition behind despite a fierce marketplace.

In this guide, we will walk you through practical tips that will help eCommerce entrepreneurs thrive beyond their wildest dreams.

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Competitive Pricing


I. Competitive Pricing is Crucial: Analyze Competitor E-commerce Store 

It is essential to know what type of buying experience a user is looking for that your rivals are not offering. Well, there is a high chance that the first answer to this question is pricing.

Your store can earn the initial attention it needs to get the business on track by offering competitive pricing and first-purchase discounts. So, with the Shopify app detector, you can find the number of products and the price range in the competitor store. Because if your rivals are offering the same product at a better price, you may lose a big part of the customer base.


Great Customer Experience


II. Offer Great Customer Experience 

Do you know that a web visitor determines if they like your website or not in just half a second or maybe even less than that?

Based on your site’s visual arrangement and how well information is presented, your potential customers develop their first level of trust. You can improve the user experience by enhancing the Web design.

This does not mean you should focus on a beautiful design only. Instead, it would help if you drafted a site layout that maximizes your conversions.

To enhance your conversion rates, here are some tricks you can use to your benefit.

  • Simplify your navigation
  • Take benefit of color and contrast
  • Use responsive layout
  • Create unique landing pages
  • Compress images
  • Optimize your site for mobile users


Competitor Analysis


III. Perform a Competitor Analysis of Competitor E-commerce Store 

The ultimate and the most important trick you can try is competitor analysis using a Chrome extension Shopify inspector.

By doing so, you can spot new trends and anticipate market shifts. Plus, it lets you find out the potential barriers within your niche and make wise decisions. 



So what should you look for while performing competitor analysis?

Well, you can track down:

  • The theme your competitor store using
  • Latest products in the store
  • List of their Bestsellers
  • Newest products they are offering
  • Number of products in the store
  • Price range in the store
  • First and Last published products
  • Apps they use


Try Koala Inspector


IV. Try Koala Inspector

Koala Apps Koala Shopify inspector is one of the most in-demand eCommerce inspectors nowadays, and that too for a reason.

  1. You can use Koala Inspector for free!
  2. It reveals secrets only with a single click.
  3. By using it, nothing will remain hidden.
  4. It shows results instantly.

Explore the website and find what else our Koala Inspector can do for you!



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