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What Is Shopify Shop Domain?

What Is Shopify Shop Domain

A Shopify Shop Domain is the URL or web address where customers go to find your store. The shop domain will help customers find the store. Shopify automatically gives merchants an URL called “.myshop.com.” It’s highly recommended to change the domain name that Shopify provides merchants with to something more creative.

Creating a new Shopify shop domain can help grow your business with more sales and increase the visitor rate. Someone is less likely to click on a store with “shop” attached to the website name. Domain names can have an impact on SEO, so take this into consideration and create an original domain name. Creating a new domain name will drive more traffic to the store. 


What Is Shopify Shop Domain

How to choose your Shopify shop domain name

  • Keep the domain name short and sweet
  • Use .com
  • Stay away from numbers and symbols
  • Find good SEO keywords  
  • Stay away from “myshop”

How your domain name can be an advantage

Having the perfect domain name can give us a step ahead of the competitors. Creating original work looks better, and shoppers like to see original work. Giving the merchant credit for the time and effort invested in creating the domain name. 


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Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
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