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12 Best Shopify Apps 2024

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Best Shopify Apps
Ana Gelevska

A successful eCommerce store demands much more than top-notch products and sleek website design. To truly succeed in the online marketplace, it is crucial to utilize the power of the right technologies and tools. However, determining which apps are essential for your store is challenging. 

Top 12 Best Shopify Apps

We have created a list of best shopify apps to help your eCommerce stand out from the crowd. Whether you are looking for best paid and free shopify apps, or you are looking to invest in premium features, our article covers it all. 


judge.me shopify review sales page

What is Judge.me: One of the best apps for Shopify that displays and collects star ratings and product reviews and enables users to grow sales.

Use it for: To build trust with social proof.

How Does it Work: It integrates with any store theme you are using. It accesses your theme files and inserts the Judge.me code snippets into them. These snippets activate Judge.me widgets on your Shopify store, such as review forms, star ratings, carousels, and more

Pricing: Awesome Plan – $15/month – enables you to do more customization.

Free Plan: Forever Free Plan is available.

Shopify Store Reviews: Over 25,000 Reviews and a Star Rating of 5.


2. Loox Product Reviews

loox reviews

What is Loox Product: One of the must have shopify apps developed for Shopify to help brands boost sales, stimulate brand creativity, and enhance conversion rates. 

Use it for: Automatically collect product reviews with videos and photos and efficiently showcase them on customizable widgets without affecting the speed of your site. 

How Does it Work: It sends automatic email to customers who purchased from your website asking for review, and even gives sales for adding a video or photo.

Pricing: Users can choose one of the three paid plans

  • Beginner – Reviews ($9.99/month) or Reviews & Referrals ($14.99/month)
  • Scale – Reviews ($34.99/month) or Reviews & Referrals ($39.99/month)
  • Unlimited – Reviews ($299.99/month) or Reviews & Referrals ($299.99/month)

Free Plan: Not available, but there is a 14-Day Free Trial period.

Shopify Store Reviews: Over 17,000 Reviews and a Star Rating of 4.9.

Loox – Product Reviews App 

3. Klaviyo

klaviyo shopify app sales page

What is Klaviyo: Works perfectly with your tech stack and provides detailed customer information – what they looked at, how they entered, how long they stayed, making Klaviyo one of the best Shopify apps. It creates insightful reports to assist you in comprehending what drives sales and your customers’ requirements more efficiently.

Use it for: This app also provides SMS and email templates for SMS and Email Marketing

How Does it Work: This data-centric focused tool gathers powerful and detailed information on email campaigns and provides helpful features and advice on improvement. Robust automation is supported alongside a huge variety of segmentation and targeting options. 

Pricing: Choose between the two paid plans – SMS ($15/month) and Email ($30/month), or calculate your monthly cost based on the number of contacts you have. 

Free Plan:  A Free Plan is available.

Shopify Store Reviews: Over 1,900 Reviews and a Star Rating of 4.1.

Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS

 4. Yotpo 

yotpo shopify sales page

What is Yotpo: Yotpo is one of the best and most advanced applications for SMS and email marketing, referrals and loyalty, reviews, subscriptions, and visual UGC. 

Use it for: Brands of all sizes can successfully influence social proof to grow sales and trust, increase recurring revenue, foster loyal customer advocates, and engage shoppers across various channels.

How Does it Work: This cloud-based e-commerce content marketing platform allows businesses to manage, collect, curate, and respond to user-generated content. Users can mix photos and reviews with customized display options to enhance brand visibility. In marketing campaigns, they can also showcase customer content to increase search visibility and attract more shoppers interested in their products. 

Pricing: Choose between two paid plans: Growth plan ($15/monthly or $144 annually) and Prime plan ($119/month or $1068/year).

Free Plan: A Free plan is also available.

Shopify Store Reviews: Over 6,700 Reviews and a Star Rating of 4.8.

Yotpo Product Reviews & UGC

5. SMSBump

yotpo ugc SMS bump app page

What is SMSBump: SMSBump is a Yotpo company and this Shopify app offers SMS and email templates and automation features to personalize your messages.

Use it for: Use customer data for targeted marketing, SMS and email marketing, and create precise segments that build customer connections and enhance revenue.

How Does it Work: Use it to send messages to customers and show them their abandoned carts with pictures of their items left behind, encouraging them to finish their purchase. It also encourages customers to buy additional items after purchase and sends discount codes to boost sales and create urgency. The app detects automatic IP and phone numbers, so you don’t have to worry about it. 

Pricing: The SMSBump app offers various plans, starting with message rates from $0.0165 and providing 10,000 free emails every 30 days. For more information on paid plans with more features, visit their site.

Free Plan: A free plan is unavailable.

Shopify Store Reviews: Over 7,000 Reviews and a Star Rating of 4.9.

SMSBump – Yotpo Email Marketing & SMS

6. PushOwl

pushowl app store page

What is PushOwl: PushOwl is one of the best shopify apps to increase sales and serves as a web push notification app that introduces a fresh marketing channel to improve your loyalty, retargeting, and acquisition strategies.

Use it for: Boosting sales and recovering abandoned carts with personalized pop-ups.

How Does it Work: Use the PushOwl application on Shopify to collect store visitors as subscribers with just one click. It does not require personal information, collects subscribers, and sends web push notifications with the native opt-in. Web push notifications represent an ideal marketing channel for instantly reaching out and capturing anonymous shoppers, making it the best subscription app for Shopify.

Pricing: There are two Business Plans offered: one at $19 per month and another at $38 per month.

Free Plan: A free Basic Plan is available.

Shopify Store Reviews: Over 2,8oo Reviews and a Star Rating of  5.

PushOwl: Web Push 

7. Smile.io

smile shopify reviews app page

What is Smile.io: It’s a Shopify app that helps users retain customers, boost sales, and increase customer engagement by creating loyalty programs. 

Use it for: Seamless integration with customers’ Shopify stores and smooth management of their Loyalty and Rewards Programs and other marketing and sales activities. 

How Does it Work: A very flexible application allowing users to create tier-based or point-based programs with many rewards such as free shipping, discounts, or exclusive products. Users can customize a loyalty program that matches their customers and online store perfectly. Customize colors, layout, and messaging according to preferences. Whether you prefer pre-made templates or are willing to craft your own design on your landing page, you can ensure consistency with your brand’s visual identity. 

Pricing: Smile.io offers three pricing plans: Starter plan ($49/month), Growth plan ($199/month), and Plus plan ($599/month).

Free Plan: A free plan is available. 

Shopify Store Reviews: Over 5,800 Reviews and a Star Rating of 4.9.

Smile: Loyalty & Rewards 

8. Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer

crush image app store page

What is Crush: The Crush speed and image optimizer app is crafted to enhance the performance of your online store by minimizing the file size of images. This optimization leads to notably faster loading times, a critical element impacting user experience and SEO rankings.

Use it for: Use the Automatic Image Compression feature to reduce image full sizes and improve page load speeds, crucial for customer satisfaction and SEO performance. 

How Does it Work:. Crush Pics features SEO-friendly renaming tools that enable the store owner to rename images and ALT tags, improving product visibility in search engine results. Simply select your settings once, and the app optimizes images in the background. Crush also enables Manual Image Addition and Compression, allowing you to compress and add images manually and better control how your site performs and looks. 

Pricing: Choose between the Micro ( $4.99/month), PRO ($9.99/month), and Advanced ($19.99/month) pricing plans

Free Plan: A Free Plan is available. 

Shopify Store Reviews: Over 1,040 Reviews and a Star Rating of 4.8.

Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer 

9. Doofinder

doofinder discovery app store page

What is Doofinder: It is considered one of the best Shopify apps for improving customers’ search experiences in your store. In addition to conventional text-based search, this app offers visual and voice search functionalities. 

Use it for: Use it to improve your eCommerce product search.

How Does it Work: Once you install this app, it will automatically index all your products on its servers, eliminating the heavy strain that product searchers can place on your Shopify store’s database. When a customer is on your online store, it rapidly gathers relevant results from its indexed data and promptly shows them to your potential customers. 

Pricing: Depending on your needs, select the Plan Basic ($35/month or $372/annually), Plan Pro ($636/year or $59/month), or Plan Enterprise ($389/month or $4200/annually) pricing plan.

Free Plan: A Free Plan is available.

Shopify Store Reviews: Over 880 Reviews and a Star Rating of 4.9.

DOOFINDER – Search & Discovery 

10. Simprosys Google Shopping Feed

simprosys google feed for shopify app store page

What is Simprosys Google Shopping Feed: It is a powerful tool that stands out for its wide range of features designed to manage product feeds effectively. Simprosys Google Shopping Feed is a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of customization, and optimization making it straightforward and accessible for users. 

Use it for: Helps to automate product feed management and personalize advertising strategies. 

How Does it Work: This app is one of the best Shopify apps for managing product listings on different platforms. It helps business owners submit product feeds to Microsoft, Google Shopping, Pinterest, and Facebook. 

It particularly focuses on managing and creating campaigns for Microsoft Smart Shopping and Google Ads Performance Max (PMax) campaigns. Unique features include setting up Google Analytics 4 (GA4) tracking to analyze campaign performance.

Pricing: Simprosys Google Shopping Feed offers different plans to suit various business needs: Up to 500 Products ($4.99/month), 501-1000 Products ($8.99/month), 1001-5000 Products ($13.99/month), and 5001-10000 Products ($17.99/month). All plans offer a 10% discount for annual subscriptions.

Free Plan: There is no Free Plan, but a 21-day Free Trial is available to test the app.

Shopify Store Reviews: Over 5,800 Reviews and a Star Rating of 4.9.

Simprosys Google Shopping Feed 

11. Outfy

outfy app store page

What is Oulfy? Oulfy is an app that automatically creates and shares videos, reels, tweets, and shorts using your brand style on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Use it for: Automated posting on social media 

How Does it Work: This app utilizes AI-powered automated content creation and effortlessly produces eye-catching videos, collages, and GIFs. The AI-powered captions are generated from trending hashtags and product titles to ensure relevant and engaging content. 

Pricing: Outfy offers users three pricing plans – Starter plan ($20/month or $168/annually), Pro plan ($40/month or $336/annually), and Ultimate plan ($70/month or $588/annually).

Free Plan: A Free plan is available.

Shopify Store Reviews: Over 1,200 Reviews and a Star Rating of 4.7.

Outfy – Automate Social Media 

12. Poptin

poptin pop up app store page

What is Poptin:

Poptin generates sales and converts visitors into buyers using hello bars, pop-ups, and embedded contact forms.

Use it for: Users can use it to boost sales.

How Does it Work: Poptin customizes auto-responders and pop-up form templates to align with your brand. It also improves pop-up campaigns by providing tools like analytics, targeting options, and triggers to increase Shopify sales effectively. 

Pricing: There are three paid plans available: 

  • Basic Plan – $25 per month or $240 per year
  • Pro Plan – $59 per month or $564 per year
  • Agency Plan – $119 per month or $1,140 per year

Free Plan: A Free plan is available. 

Shopify Store Reviews: Over 360 Reviews and a Star Rating of 4.9.

Poptin – Exit & Email Pop-Ups

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Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
Ana is a creative and customer-oriented freelance writer with over 5 years of experience working with eCommerce global clients. Ana enjoys breaking down the latest eCommerce trends and diving into the needs of today’s merchants.

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