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What Is Koala Inspector?​

Koala Inspector is an All-in-One Market Research Tool for Shopify Merchants who Work Smart! It’s a market research tool that helps eCommerce and Dropshipping sellers make data-driven decisions and get ahead of their competition.


Why Partner with Koala?

We offer several partnerships options, contact us if you want to have:

  • Free traffic to your app page.
  • Quality traffic of Shopify merchants.
  • Wide exposure of your app.

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The Koala Team

Koala Apps

Nitzan Reuven


Business development professional with experience in portfolio management, financial planning, asset management, credit, and equities.

Koala Apps

Nitzan Reuven


Software engineer experienced in recruiting and managing software development teams, skilled in Skilled in Object Oriented Design, Node.js, Facebook API, PHP, and C++

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