Shopify App Detector to Find Out Apps Your Competitors Are Using

Every time you see a successful Shopify store, you want to know what apps it is using so you can replicate the awesome features. Shopify App Detector can help in this. Learn more!

Ever happened with you that you have seen a Shopify site (or store) and wondered what Shopify app they are using? If yes, you are not alone in this. There are hundreds or thousands of people who are trying to detect the apps on a daily basis on several types of website systems. And Shopify is not unusual.

So, if you want to know what apps your competitor is using in their Shopify store, it is now possible. Yes, with the Shopify App Detector chrome extension easily available on the internet, you can find out what theme and Shopify apps a store is using.

What is Shopify App Detector?

In simple words, the Shopify App/Theme Detector lets you discover which Shopify apps are being run on a particular Shopify store, as well as what theme it is using.

Well, on other platforms, Apps can also be called “Plugins”. Basically, Shopify apps give you the added functionality you might require.

When you scan a Shopify store for information or winning secrets, it can tell you along with what Shopify apps the website is using.

Usually, it’s never an easy task to detect all the apps being used on a Shopify store; however, you can list out the names of beneficial apps being used on Shopify sites.

If you want to learn what you should do when launching your new eCommerce site, at that time, knowing which Shopify apps are being used by any successful store gives you a huge advantage.

So, if next time you want to find out what Shopify Apps the store is using, simply download the Shopify app inspector extension and find out all the secrets in just one click.

It will help you achieve the same functionality the leading stores are using.

The best part is, it not only tells you the name of the apps the site is using but instead it also tells you about the Shopify theme that the excellent store is using like; it can tell you the Theme Name, Theme Screenshot, Theme Price and Plugin List, etc.

Koala Shopify inspector offers you all the secrets behind every Shopify store. Only in one click, you can reveal every strategy the store owner uses like from Apps to Themes to the Newest products, Bestsellers, and plenty more.

In all, by using a Koala Inspector extension, you can save your time and efforts while setting and managing your new eCommerce store. It can even help you boost your sales with your existing store.

So, why wait? Download the extension for Koala Inspector now and begin to find out about your competitors. Enhance your own site collections and campaigns with us!

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