One of the leading commerce platforms, Shopify, is gaining tremendous acceptance among business owners and consumers. It is basically a platform where anyone can set up an online store to sell their products. Even merchants can also sell their products in person. It is said that when it comes to selling products on Shopify. Then there are no such limits.

And those who already run their businesses on this platform, need to take care of what their competitors are up to. Now, this can be solved and simplified with the help of the Koala Application, which is a magic pill for any Shopify store owner who wants to keep an eye on competitors and know the secrets, behind their successful shops, on the platform. Let us discuss the features responsible to make it possible.

There are several features in the app that allow store owners to keep their businesses growing and their processes effective. Commerce Inspector Chrome is the plugin that reveals secrets for any e-commerce platform that people visit. When people visit any site, this tool inspector detects a compatible store. And, store owners can click on the icon to reveal a plethora of competitive insights. It allows them to monitor the competition and follow current trends. Store owners can keep a check on a list of recently launched products, including SKU, vendor, and inventory information can get a rundown on collection-specific stats such as product count and recent activity. Also, they can view recent sales from stores and all the recently launched and currently running ads (on social media platforms) to inspire their own ad campaigns. Considering these few benefits, Koala App Download is certainly a smart and wise decision that any Shopify store owner can make.

If you need more information and details about Commerce Inspector Chrome and other beneficial features, then you must consider checking on Koala Apps. The platform will help you gain better conversion rates and better results from your Shopify store. And, most importantly, they have built-in chat support available 24/7.

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