Have you ever compromised on the below thoughts,

“I wish I could monitor competitors’ Shopify store?”

“What are competing Shopify store’s bestsellers?”

“What is my competitors’ strategy?”

Now it’s possible.

Yes, you can fill the difference between success and failure in eCommerce by doing proper competitor research and analysis. Sure, it was never easier to do – but now you can even do it for free.

In order to simplify the competitive analysis process, tools are now available; they can even save massive amounts of time.

Commerce Inspector Chrome, a tool that assists you in analyzing competitors effectively as well as quickly – either via its free extension available on chrome or through its paid web version.

All you need to do is download such a browser extension in just a few clicks.

The type of data it can uncover:


With all such information on your notes, you can easily take your decisions, like which products, niches, trends, and suppliers will make you money. Or which Shopify Theme is suitable for your website.

In all, having such a tool on your side can help you be ahead of everybody and easily defeat your eCommerce competitors.

Koala Apps can help you with the same. Being a leader as well as the best eCommerce tool can help you gain what you are dreaming of. The best part is, whether you use Etsy, WooCommerce or any other eCommerce platform, the tool enables you to follow and track any Shopify store you wish!

Go for the Koala App Download and make every dream come true. All the best!

For more information, visit – https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/koala-inspector-inspect-s/hjbfbllnfhppnhjdhhbmjabikmkfekgf

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