It is competitor research and analysis that can be the big difference between success and failure.

All such can help in growing business and leaving competitors behind. Well, this is all a Koala Shopify Inspector does.

It is a simple tool that comes as a Chrome extension and enables Shopify store owners to monitor competitors without breaching any privacy or data security laws.

The type of information it can monitor and reveal is:



Newest products


Traffic monthly visit

Traffic sources & countries

Social Links

First and Last published products

Number of products

Price range

Top Two Features of Koala Shopify Inspector

Here are two outstanding features that are really going to make an enormous difference with your e-commerce store and support you to take your store to new heights.

Having the list of items customers like to buy the most can have significant benefits. It also assists in getting rid of products that aren’t going to sell and just takes up space and attention away from products that actually are best to sell.

Using chrome extension Shopify inspector, you will also know what to promote and how to reach customers to earn maximum profit.

If you know where the traffic is coming from, it can help you a lot. Yes, knowing what people are searching for and how they are getting to your website is pretty vital when you have an e-commerce website.

Basically, to improve bounce rates and make improvements that assure that you are getting the maximum amount of organic search traffic possible, this information is useful. It also enables you to optimize for keywords that you know are working.

Koala App’s Koala Inspector is capable of discovering all the secrets behind any Shopify store.

From setting up your eCommerce store to managing it well, the tool can do all. Plus, by using our Koala extension chrome, you can identify opportunities in your niche and learn how to better your own site’s collections and campaigns.

Why Choose Koala Apps’s Koala Inspector?

Our apps can assist in gaining better conversion rates and improved results from your Shopify store.

With years of experience in the industry, we can offer the best solutions possible for your store.

Our every app comes with built-in chat support that is available 24/7!

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