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Dropshipping Stores for Sale

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Ana Gelevska

So, you’re thinking about diving into the world of e-commerce, but don’t want to start from scratch? Buying a ready-made dropshipping store is your ticket in. It’s the quickest way to enter the market, bypassing the initial hassles of setting up a new business.

However, it’s important to remember, buying an online store isn’t just about the upfront cost. It’s also about understanding the business model, market trends, and your potential return on investment. So, before we look at the best places to buy a dropshipping store, let’s cover some of the basics first.

Why Buy a Dropshipping Store?

Breaking into the e-commerce space isn’t as easy as it might sound. It involves market research, product sourcing, and tedious website building, then a lot of investment to start getting traffic to your store. Luckily, buying a ready-made dropshipping store can significantly reduce these burdens.

Imagine owning a streamlined, fully operational online store with a brand name right off the starting block. It already comes with a selection of products fitting your chosen niche be it gadgets, apparel, or niche-specific items. That’s the advantage you get with buying a premade dropshipping store.

But it’s not just about skipping time-consuming steps to start your business. It’s also about tapping into proven success. When you’re shopping for a dropshipping store, you’re not just seeing websites, you’re looking at validated business models. Store owners have already done the testing, all that’s left for you is to step in, take the reins, and scale up.

Consider this: Instead of starting from scratch, you’d be investing in an established customer base, established SEO rankings, and a brand that’s likely already known in the market. Even better if your store has reviews, an e-mail list, and marketing data to build from.

Keep in mind, the initial cost isn’t symbolic of your final investment. You’ll still need to account for potential maintenance, advertising, and stocking fees. It’s essential that you understand the business model, market trends, and potential return on investment before you start dropshipping. If you need help with that, we’ve created Koala Inspector, a custom, and totally free Dropshipping spy tool to make your research as easy as 1 click of a button. 

If you’re interested in Dropshipping and want to find the best value for money, let’s look at the types of Dropshipping stores you can buy and the best marketplaces to buy them.

Types Of Dropshipping Stores You Can Buy

There are typically three categories to consider when looking for dropshipping stores to buy. Their differences lie in the amount of customization, level of establishment, and the potential scalability they offer, and the cost upfront to buy them.

Premade Dropshipping Stores

Premade dropshipping stores are instantly ready for business. As the name suggests, these stores come with everything pre-configured – from the website design to the chosen niche and product range. They’re designed to be a turnkey solution, meaning you can take the reins right away.

These stores are a good choice if you’re new to e-commerce. You’ll navigate a relatively smooth entrance into dropshipping without having to worry about the nitty-gritty of setting up an online store. Plus, it’s a time-saver. However, remember that with such convenience might come less uniqueness and potentially more competition.

Custom-Made Dropshipping Stores

Custom-made dropshipping stores, on the other hand, lend themselves to personalization. They are built according to your specifications and reflect your ideas, style, and goals the most. You decide everything – from the products you want to sell to the branding of the store.

Going for a custom-made store gives you greater control over your business’s direction. However, it requires time and effort to create. It’s a perfect choice if you have specific goals, unique product propositions, or a novel niche in mind.

Established Dropshipping Stores

An established dropshipping store is a business that’s already up and running with a track record of traffic and sales. This kind of store comes with an established customer base, SEO rankings, and often, recognizable branding.

Opting for an established dropshipping store eliminates the uncertainty that comes with starting from scratch. It provides you an immediate headstart. However, with such promising benefits also come higher prices. Remember though, the initial investment you put into purchasing an established store may parallel the potential revenue it can generate.

Always bear in mind that success won’t come instantly even after purchasing any type of ready-made dropshipping store. With constant effort in maintaining, advertising, and introducing new ideas, your store can experience significant growth over time whatever the type may be.

What Are The Best Marketplaces To Buy Dropshipping Stores?

In our extensive time spent buying and selling dropshipping stores, here are in no particular order, the best marketplaces to buy a dropshipping store.

Best Marketplaces To Buy Premade Dropshipping Stores

Dropshipping Stores for Sale 7



Want to start your Shopify dropshipping store on a low budget? You’d be lost for choice browsing for a dropshipping store that fits the bill on Brandafy.

Brandafy provides premium branded dropshipping stores for prices as low as $21 during their summer closeout dropshipping sales and requires only a one-time payment. This incredibly affordable price comes complete with a Shopify dropshipping store setup, a responsive theme design with a branded logo, top suppliers, product research, lists of products, and more. Additionally, Brandafy also provides custom Shopify dropshipping stores at a higher price, upwards of $697 (depending on your unique dropshipping needs or dropshipping store type).

If you need more options to ensure your dropshipping store succeeds and grows, you can even purchase Brandafy’s dropshipping store and mentorship package, targeted at dropshipping marketing efforts to fuel your dropshipping growth.


Dropshipping Stores for Sale 8



Video content drives conversion rates for dropshipping and helps your dropshipping products gain a following on social media. If you need an all-in-one package for your Shopify dropshipping store, look no further than Dropbuild. Dropbuild doesn’t just stop at building your dropshipping store on Shopify but also helps you add dropshipping products and comes up with engaging video content and ads for each dropshipping product listing. Dynamic video ads are bound to help accelerate your dropshipping sales in a way that static images are not able to achieve.

Moreover, you’re getting round-the-clock support for your dropshipping store, so you never have to feel lost or stuck in limbo while on your dropshipping and e-commerce journey.


Dropshipping Stores for Sale 9


While we placed Ecommerceify in the custom-made dropshipping stores’ category, they actually provide both custom-built and pre-built dropshipping stores, perfect for any varying dropshipping needs you may have. Besides selecting from a selection of niche dropshipping stores (like makeup and beauty, eco-friendly or interior decor), you can order a dropshipping store that’s built from scratch, tailor-made to your liking.

All you have to do is order a custom dropshipping store package, wait for a personal manager to get in touch with you and understand your dropshipping needs, and then the Ecommerceify team will take over and get to work. Thereafter, you can start being your own Shopify dropshipping boss and sell instantly.

Ecommerceify’s prices are also very reasonable – starting at a one-time fee of $199 for the Basic package and going up to $349 for the Advanced package. All things considered, these fees are easily recouped once you start dropshipping and selling on your store, and build up a customer base.


Dropshipping Stores for Sale 11



Although Shopify is a great platform that integrates thousands of apps, stores, themes, and resources, some stores prefer building their own customized dropshipping website with a custom “.com” domain to sell. If this sounds like the dropshipping path you’d be more interested to take, Wholesale2b provides the options you need to get started when dropshipping in your store.

Wholesale2b’s price packages start at $49 per month, which covers your custom dropshipping store domain name, dropshipping store web hosting, a free SSL certificate, and even a dropshipping store business email for added professionalism. You will be able to import up to 10,000 dropshipping store products in less than 24 hours. The best part? No credit card is needed – you can start dropshipping and register for free now!


Dropshipping Stores for Sale 12


Freelance marketplaces (Fiverr, Upwork)

Can’t afford the hefty prices most custom-made dropshipping store platforms ask for, but still want the experience of having a dropshipping store that reflects your wants?

Freelance marketplaces have changed the game for both dropshipping store business owners and freelancers, connecting both parties seamlessly online. Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork feature thousands of talented sellers, many of whom specialize in e-commerce and building custom dropshipping stores.

For prices as low as US$20 (as shown in the above image), you could get a custom-build Shopify dropshipping store made by well-reviewed store sellers. These store sellers have experience building dropshipping stores for other dropshipping business owners just like you and can advise you along the way on best practices to gain traction when you are dropshipping.


Best Marketplaces To Buy Established Dropshipping Stores


Dropshipping Stores for Sale 13


With almost 3,000 online businesses and stores currently listed for sale, from prices as low as $1 all the way up to $14.4 million, Flippa has already-running dropshipping stores perfect for every dropshipping store budget. Using an assortment of store filters, you’d be able to find the best dropshipping stores available and vet verified dropshipping store listings. Flippa is a credible platform trusted by serious store buyers who are looking for something more substantial when dropshipping on a store. You can even filter dropshipping stores by age if that’s a factor that would affect your decision-making! Another useful filter is to filter stores by Country, which is great if you have a specific geographical store focus that you are looking at expanding into for dropshipping stores.


Dropshipping Stores for Sale 14


Exchange Marketplace

Prefer a marketplace that’s vetted, verified, and even created by an e-commerce store authority? Exchange Marketplace is Shopify’s official marketplace designed for these specific store needs. Much like Shopify’s own user interface, the platform is intuitive, simple to navigate, and pleasant to the eyes.

Enthusiastic Shopify dropshipping store owners can list their already successful dropshipping stores on the platform and wait for interested buyers to reach out for a potential dropshipping store purchase. Since the platform is also Shopify-owned and back, you can rest assured that all credentials have to be thoroughly examined, making it a safer option when you pick and buy a store to sell from.


Dropshipping Stores for Sale 15


Empire Flippers

With an emphasis on quality store listings, Empire Flippers may not have the most extensive list of dropshipping stores among the ones we’ve explored, but the few available dropshipping store options are definitely solid picks. Dropshipping stores here are selling for prices as high as hundreds of thousands of dollars – for example, one Amazon FBA store is being listed for over $860,000.

To support these big dropshipping store purchases, Empire Flippers provides support that is personalized to your dropshipping store and selling needs to make sure you make the right and informed dropshipping store decision. If you have a big dropshipping budget and are looking for a dropshipping store that will sell and rake in up to 5 digits a month, this is the platform for you!

Do Your Due Diligence: Use Koala Inspector to determine if a store is a right fit

 You wouldn’t buy a brand new or used car without first trying it out and taking it for a drive, so what makes it different when it comes to buying a Shopify dropshipping store? Don’t just pick the first store that a platform is selling – make the choice that is best for you.

Dropshipping Stores for Sale 16

Doing your due diligence before making a big dropshipping purchase lowers the odds of dropshipping failure, in an oversaturated dropshipping store industry. There are many other dropshipping stores you must compete with. Reduce your risk of buying a dropshipping store that won’t produce the results you desire, by using Koala Inspector to reveal the store’s dropshipping statistics and dropshipping secrets!

Koala Inspector is trusted e-commerce and dropshipping store companion tool, built for e-commerce and dropshipping store owners like you. Using this tool, over 95,000 dropshipping users have made the most of the Shopify store platform and revealed competitor insights to get ahead when dropshipping. It also provides all the dropshipping store analytics you need to decide whether a premade, custom-built, or existing Shopify dropshipping store is worth your money at all.

Every aspect of an e-commerce dropshipping store matters: products, ad campaigns, traffic data, and even the Shopify theme you pick. More so than ever, it is crucial to have an inspector tool like Koala Inspector to examine every part of the store you’re about to buy, so you can be sure of its quality and structural elements. For example, you would want to check to make sure the Shopify theme selected will have a strong conversion rate, so your dropshipping efforts have maximum reward and payoff.


Dropshipping Stores for Sale 17



When you start dropshipping, buying a premade, custom, or existing store can truly be a great way to not only save time and money but do things correctly and jump into action instantly. With millions of dropshipping stores in the market, the most important thing is to stand out from the crowd. Pick an eye-catching store that will stick out to customers at first glance and start selling immediately!

Platforms like Flippa, Brandafy, and Exchange Marketplace – store marketplaces that were all covered in this article – provide flexibility, options, and filters that bring you closer to the dropshipping store of your dreams. Gone are the days when you had to clumsily navigate Shopify’s tools to piece together an e-commerce dropshipping site. With this option, you can even run a one-man operation and become a solopreneur easily.

And while you’re chasing the dream, don’t forget to download Koala Inspector, the best Google Chrome extension to assess and examine dropshipping stores to make sure you’re making a wise purchase. Stretch your dollar and invest smartly with the Koala Inspector! Download it here and start unraveling hidden e-commerce store data and analytics.



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Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
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