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How Clever ecommerce helps your Google Ads strategy?

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How Clever ecommerce helps your Google Ads strategy?

What is Clever eCommerce

Clever eCommerce is a software that was born in 2014 to meet the need of eCommerce looking to develop an SEM strategy. If you find creating Google Ads campaigns manually exhausting, time-consuming and frustrating… Clever eCommerce can do it for you! 

It takes care of the entire process of creating campaigns, ad groups, and banners. This PPC software is the best option to automate your business’s online advertising and give a strong boost to your sales. Save time and money!

More than 96,000 merchants from different eCommerce platforms have already trusted Clever eCommerce. 

Clever eCommerce features

Are you ready to optimize your Google Ads campaigns? Optimize your paid placement with the help of Clever eCommerce and get the most out of your ads. This way, you’ll achieve two important goals: drive qualified traffic to your shop and automate your campaigns with the best possible performance. 


  • Get the best keywords for your campaigns by using the name of your products as a reference. Generate keywords for all the products in your online store and know which are the best bids for each of your keywords. 
  • Set up your remarketing campaigns. With Clever eCommerce, you will have access to your remarketing list to bring back potential customers who have previously visited your online shop.
  • Clever installs the Google Ads tracking pixel for you to keep track of your ad conversions. 
  • Show up in Google Search results! By having your Google Search Ads campaigns active, you will drive potential customers to your store when they use your keywords in the search engine.
  • Don’t settle for Google Search Ads! Try Google Display and create customized banners in just a few seconds. Clever selects your product images to create all your banners. You will also receive them by email so you can save them. 
  • Have you been adding more products to your shop? The Clever eCommerce app allows you to add new ones and easily update your campaigns. 
  •  Launch your ads on Google Shopping. Clever will help you link your Google Merchant account with your Google Ads account. Once your product feed is uploaded to Google Merchant, you can create Google Shopping campaigns.
  • If your online store is available in different countries, create multilingual campaigns! With Clever eCommerce technology you will have all your campaigns translated into other languages.  


5-step setup 

Setting up the Clever eCommerce app is quick and easy. Just follow the 5 steps below. It will take you 5 minutes and in return… You will save hours of work creating campaigns! 


  1. Link your Google Ads account

with the Clever eCommerce app. Just click on the “Allow access” button and a pop-up window from Google will ask you to allow them access to manage their Ads campaigns. Don’t worry, you are giving access to a certified Premier Google Partner. 


Link your Google Ads account


  1. Select your products and the default language for your campaigns. 

In the drop-down menu, you will find English, French, Greek, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Once you have determined the language, you have to choose the countries where you want to advertise your business. Although there is the option to check “all countries”, it is recommended that you develop a strategy that delimits the countries in which your online shop could be most successful. 


Select your products and the default language for your campaigns. 


  1. Describe your eCommerce twice.
    First, you have to describe what your business offers in 80 characters, and then again a second time – very concisely – in 30 characters. Make sure you mention why customers should choose your shop over your competitors – don’t forget what makes you unique! This step is very important because it gathers the information that will be included in your ads.


To complete the third step, you have to enter the URL and your logo so that Clever eCommerce takes your website as a reference and your campaigns have a professional and corporate design. 


Describe your eCommerce twice.


  1. Describe your products in 29 characters

    so that your ads are as specific as possible. You can then add the promotions you are currently offering to your customers. This will make your ad campaigns more attractive. Finally, you can add a telephone number so that your customers can contact you directly if they have any questions. 

Describe your products in 29 characters


  1. What is your budget for Google Ads?

    Determine what you want your daily spend to be. Once you finish the setup, Clever eCommerce experts will review your account and create your ads. This can take up to 2 business days. 


What is your budget for Google Ads?


Integrations for different eCommerce platforms


Take advantage of the Clever eCommerce app and try it for free in Shopify, Woocommerce, Prestashop, or Bigcommerce. You can install the app on the Clever eCommerce website or find it directly in the store of each platform. 


Add Clever eCommerce to your platform and become a Google Ads expert. This integration is a must-have to increase the visibility of your online shop.  


Clever eCommerce Dashboard


Easily review the performance of your ads from the Clever eCommerce dashboard. This is where you’ll find the most important metrics to keep your ads under control.


From the Clever eCommerce Dashboard, you have access to the “Home” screen to review your to-do’s, see if your campaigns are ready, or view a summary of your metrics.


Clever eCommerce Dashboard #1


When you click on “Create”, a menu pops up that allows you to choose to create Google Ads campaigns, Google Shopping campaigns, and access the banner builder. You also have the option to add discounts and create slogans for campaigns with special offers.


Clever eCommerce Dashboard #2


Want to know how your ads are performing in-depth? Go to “Measure” and take a look at your key metrics. These focus on the number of impressions, clicks, conversions, and cost. From “Measure” > “Metrics” you can take control of your current ad budget and access the status of all your campaigns. If you prefer, you also have the option to connect your Google Analytics account. 


Finally, the “Optimize” tab provides you with the insights you need to apply to your campaigns and further optimize each of them. Get to know your audience in-depth to get traffic and increase your conversions. 


Clever eCommerce Dashboard #3


Clever eCommerce Dashboard #4


Why you should use Clever eCommerce?


Google Ads is the tool you need to boost your sales and grow your business. With Clever eCommerce, creating, managing, and analyzing your ads becomes easier, smarter, and more efficient. In addition to being very useful when creating and automating new ads, the app will provide you with tips to optimize your existing campaigns and maximize your ROI

Learn from your failures and your campaigns will be more and more successful!


Clever eCommerce helps you to position your brand on the Internet. Appearing at the top of Google Search results is possible by having a presence in Google Ads and Shopping. Do you sell abroad? Multilingual campaigns will help your brand cross borders. 


Whether you’re looking to improve the performance of your Google Ads campaigns or you have no idea how to start advertising, Clever eCommerce will take care of everything for you. And if you have any questions, they’ll get back to you in less than 4 minutes via the internal chat on your dashboard. 


Why you should use Clever eCommerce?



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