How to Choose a Successful Online Store Theme

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How to Choose the Right Theme For Your Shopify Store

Many people believe that the theme is just for the appearance of an online store. And this is the reason they never give enough thought while choosing a theme. However, this is not entirely correct as a good theme defines how your store looks and provides its functions.

That means, while picking a theme, you should not just focus on how your store looks, but you should also think about your choice of the theme by reflecting on what functionalities your current and future store operations require.

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A suitable theme makes it easier for consumers to find your products and enhances the overall user experience. To help you choose one from many themes, here are a few points. Take a look!

Create the Best Online Store Template & Theme

Pick an eCommerce Theme that Suits Your Brand.

The first and crucial decision – it’s not about what looks fashionable or what other businesses are using. Instead, choose what makes the most sense for your brand or business. Give a thought, how the brand colors will work and whether your logo’s shape will fit in or not.

Don’t forget, one wrong selection may result in your site being off-brand. That further results in poor connection with your target market and ends up offering less business. The precise theme layout suggests a deeper connection to your users and more sales!

You can use chrome extension Shopify inspector to view your Shopify competitors’ theme to understand what theme will suit your brand and stay ahead in the market.


Choose an Engaging Online Store Theme for a Good First Impression

Within seconds of landing on the page, internet users judge the quality of a website. That says it’s vital to have an attention-worthy site to engage users quickly and hold them from clicking away.

One of the essential parts of that first impression is load time. Picking a theme that is too heavy and slow will affect how thriving your site is. If it has not loaded within 3 seconds, 40% of consumers will abandon a website.


Determine Must-Have Online Store Features

Sure, you have a lovely theme, and your store looks terrific, but what if it doesn’t function properly? Choose a theme that makes a good functioning site for you. Look for features that improve usability, like a shopping cart or easier checkout. Create a sales funnel that your shoppers can intuitively navigate. Otherwise, they might click off!


Find Out What Ecommerce Theme Your Competitors Use

Koala Shopify Inspector can help you find out the theme your successful competitors are using with a simple click. Learn which type of theme you should choose and customize those themes to your branding. One of the significant reasons behind spying on rivals for the same is that you can check which theme the most successful stores are using.

You do not have to copy the theme, but you can study competitor themes and features to improvise your store. Plus, you can check out best-selling products at competing stores with the Find Retailers feature from Koala Apps.


Besides the theme, Koala Inspector also offers you all the secrets behind every Shopify store. You can find out every method the store owner uses, pricing, the best-selling products, and plenty more.

Download and try today!

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