How to boost digital sales in today’s competitive marketplace

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How to boost digital sales in today's competitive marketplace

At a time when customers can find almost anything they want online, Shopify store owners can find meaningful, increased engagement when optimizing inventory and making it easier for customers to get the products that speak to them. Deeper, more powerful data analytics can help improve store performance, but won’t drive it alone. 


When we harness the strength of robust apps to help level up the customer experience, everyone wins.


The benefits of Big Data

First, let’s look at how taking advantage of data can work in your favor. Leveraging Big Data from a variety of sources to better inform your eCommerce decisions comes with many benefits, including:


  • Better store: You can collect, save and manage data from various channels and sources of information, such as the central CRM, customer interactions, inventory management systems, ERP, and CMS. Anywhere you have your data stored.
  • Better decision-making: Relying on data, not on hunches, can help fuel more accurate predictive analyses.
  • Better retention of clients: They become more satisfied with the right information and products that fit what they want.
  • Better sales conversion: Personalization of the search and buying experience can fuel higher conversions.
  • Better intelligence: Analysis of competitor data can go towards elevating the store against those in the same vertical.
  • Strengthening of operational control: When you have more clarity in stock data, order dates, abandoned-cart rate, multichannel coordination, client data, etc, the easier it will be to control a store’s many moving parts.


How to boost digital sales in today’s competitive marketplace #1


The 360-degree e-commerce data strategy 

When you can layer a next-gen app to your eCommerce-data strategy, you’ll be on the right path to being better informed about what to sell. For example, Koala Apps’ Koala Inspector allows you to have a 360-view of what is generating the most sales at any Shopify store. By unlocking the hot sellers and niche products that move quickly from the competition, there is now proven-market data that could apply to your own stock.


Best-in-class Shopify stores place an enormous emphasis on scaling effectively and recognizing how they add more value to customer experience. These eCommerce leaders use analytics to drill down which digital products their Shopify stores can offer in order to boost customer retention and offer a finely honed inventory list. 


Data-driven product offerings

When you have accumulated the kind of data that contributes to the reimagining of your product offerings, that’s where an app such as Shop Circle’s Sky Pilot comes in. This tool for Shopify stores allows you to make it simple and intuitive for customers to download files, videos, courses, ebooks, and much more. 


How to boost digital sales in today’s competitive marketplace #2


Files or other media can be attached to physical products without influencing fulfillment status, easily allowing you to sell files bundled with a physical product. Also, the Sky Pilot offers unlimited downloads so you don’t have to worry about overloading the app.


Do your customers want a handy video they can download and access anytime they want? Would it make sense to couple an ebook on cooking Italian food with your spaghetti-heavy meal-in-a-kit bundle? 


As a McKinsey report noted: “Digital tools and analytics insights if correctly applied, offer a powerful way to accelerate and amplify a company’s capacity to grow.”


When using Koala Inspector along with Sky Pilot, your Shopify store can benefit from powerful technology designed to ignite digital product sales as well as signal to customers you’re listening to what they hope to see and purchase in an eCommerce experience.



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Boost Sales with Data Insights

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