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Best Shopify Themes for Photographers in 2024

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photographer store themes
Ana Gelevska

As a photographer, you know the power of a perfect image. But what about the perfect website to display your work?

In this article, we’ll explore the 10 best Shopify themes for photography stores in 2024.

We gathered the details of each theme using the theme detector feature of our custom tool Koala Inspector.

10 Best Shopify Themes for Photographers

RankThemePriceRatingMobile Page SpeedDeveloperCustomization LevelTheme StylesShopify 2.0 Compatible
1Highlight$28095% (40 reviews)75/100Krown ThemesHigh3 Styles (Modern, Single, Art)Yes
2Icon$28093% (347 reviews)31/100We are Underground LLCHigh4 Styles (Dolce, Christian, Yves, Vera)Yes
3California$24097% (79 reviews)76/100Small VictoriesHigh4 Styles (Generic, Startup, Fashion, Art)Yes
4Focal$32096% (278 reviews)72/100MaestroooHigh4 Styles (Carbon, Ivory, Quartz, Sapphire)Yes
5Exhibit$350100% (6 reviews)55/100SwitchHigh4 Styles (Art, Photography, Design, Home)Yes
6Iris$30050% (2 reviews)54/100Mana ThemesLow2 Styles (Default, Clean)Yes
7Fame$35071% (7 reviews)58/100Shine Dezign InfonetMedium4 Styles (Dark, Bold, Hunger, Crystal)Yes
8Essence$250100% (2 reviews)78/100Alloy ThemesHighNAYes
9Mono$20098% (62 reviews)58/100Slash ThemesHigh3 Styles (Vanilla, Folk, Handcraft)Yes
10Motion$36097% (486 reviews)49/100Archetype ThemesHigh3 Styles (Classic, Elegent, Minimal)Yes


highlight theme page

Highlight showcases your photos beautifully. Its clean layout puts your images front and center, letting customers focus on your work. Perfect for photographers who want their art to speak for itself.

Developer –  Krown Themes

Price – $280

Theme Styles –  3 Styles (Modern, Single, Art)

Shopify 2.0 compatible – Yes

Speed –  75/100

Customization Level: High

Rating –95% (40 reviews)

Theme Features

Creative layout 


Drag & Drop 

Showcasing collections

Brand details and promotions


The user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop functionality

Your photographs are the primary point

Well-suited for sharing the creative process or showcasing curated collections


Highlight currently offers only 3 pre-designed styles (Modern, Single, and Art)

Who Is the Theme For?

New photographers who are establishing their online presence for the first time

Fine art photographers since the clean design perfectly aligns with fine art pieces

Editorial and life photographers


icon theme store page

Icon’s bold design makes your photos pop. Its large image displays and customizable galleries help your work stand out. Great for photographers looking to make a strong visual impact.

Developer –  We are Underground LLC

Price – $280

Theme Styles –  4 Styles (Dolce, Christian, Yves, Vera)

Shopify 2.0 compatible – Yes

Speed –  31/100

Customization Level: High

Rating –  93% (347 reviews)

Theme Features

Visually captivating design 

Parallax scrolling 

Hotspots that link directly to products

Quick shop modal

Product tag filtering


Features designed to boost conversions (product filtering options, quick shop models, and CTAs)

The theme allows for a good degree of customization

A suite of features (navigation, mega menus, and social sharing buttons)


Icon has a slightly slower loading speed, and this is a factor to consider

Who Is the Theme For?

Product-based photographers who sell prints, merchandise, or other products

Portrait and fashion 

Photographers who have a larger product inventory and are seeking to grow their online sales


california shopify store page

California’s airy, bright design complements your photos. Its spacious layout gives each image room to breathe, creating a gallery-like feel that elevates your photography.

Developer –  Small Victories

Price – $240

Theme Styles –  4 Styles (Generic, Startup, Fashion, Art)

Shopify 2.0 compatible – Yes

Speed –  76/100

Customization Level: High

Rating –  97% (79 reviews)

Theme Features

Clean design 

User-friendly navigation

Mobile and tablet optimization

Product discoverability with a clean layout

Amazing optional features


A good degree of customization to tailor the look to match your brand identity

Works seamlessly with the latest Shopify features


A small selection of pre-designed styles – this might require more customization to achieve your desired look

Who Is the Theme For?

All-around photographers – from portraiture to landscapes

Photographers who offer a wide range of prints, packages, or services


Focal theme store page

Focal lives up to its name, drawing attention to your best shots. Its flexible image layouts let you create striking visual stories, ideal for photographers with diverse portfolios.

Developer –  Maestrooo

Price – $320

Theme Styles –  4 Styles (Carbon, Ivory, Quartz, Sapphire)

Shopify 2.0 compatible – Yes

Speed – 72/100

Customization Level: High

Rating –  96% (278 reviews)

Theme Features

Grid-style design

Product recommendations on product 

Cart pages 

An “Add to Cart” function

Built to handle many transactions


Highly customizable theme to match the brand identity

Built-in storytelling sections

Blog posts, detailed descriptions, or other text-based content


Some may find the grid style a little overwhelming

Who Is the Theme For?

Lifestyle and product photographers

Brand-focused photographers


Exhibit store theme page

Exhibit turns your store into a virtual gallery. Its professional design and customizable collections help you present your photos in their best light, just like in a real exhibition.

Developer –  Switch

Price – $350

Theme Styles –  4 Styles (Art, Photography, Design, Home)

Shopify 2.0 compatible – Yes

Speed –  55/100

Customization Level: High

Rating –  100% (6 reviews)

Theme Features

Versatile grids and carousels

Slideshows and video integration

A streamlined setup process

Quick launch of the online store 

Hero logo placement


Clean layouts and multiple display options evoke a museum-like atmosphere

Presentation options that give freedom for tailoring the gallery 

Functionalities like product filtering, sorting, and recommended products


Due to being a newer theme, Exhibit has a limited number of reviews available

Who Is the Theme For?

Fine art & curated photography

Photographers who value control

New photographers launching online stores


Iris theme store page

Iris’s elegant design enhances your visual storytelling. Its smooth scrolling and full-width images create an immersive experience, perfect for showcasing photo series or collections.

Developer –  Mana Themes

Price – $300

Theme Styles –  2 Styles (Default, Clean)

Shopify 2.0 compatible – Yes

Speed –  54/100

Customization Level: Low

Rating –  50% (2 reviews)

Theme Features

Elegant and user-friendly design

30 customizable sections

Mobile-optimized layout

User-friendly interface

Subtle animations and an elegant design guide


A focus on mobile optimization and an intuitive interface

Visual comparisons and creative showcases

Robust set of functionalities like product filtering, sorting, and marketing tools


Iris only offers a few pre-designed styles, which means more customization is needed to achieve the desired look

Who Is the Theme For?

Photographers who prioritize user experience

Established photographers with diverse products


fame theme store page

Fame puts your photography in the spotlight. Its magazine-style layout and featured image sections help your work grab attention, great for photographers aiming to build their brand.

Developer –  Shine Dezign Infonet

Price – $350

Theme Styles –  4 Styles (Dark, Bold, Hunger, Crystal)

Shopify 2.0 compatible – Yes

Speed –  58/100

Customization Level: Medium

Rating –  71% (7 reviews)

Theme Features

Creative layouts and storytelling elements

Smooth product discovery and checkout 

Amazing user experience

A wide range of customizable sections

Stunning pre-designed styles


Over 25 customizable sections and a variety of pre-designed styles

Sticky carts and strategically placed promotional elements

A suite of functionalities, including product filtering, marketing tools, and mobile optimization


With a wide range of customization options, Fame might have a steeper learning curve compared to simpler themes

Who Is the Theme For?

Brand-conscious photographers

Storytelling photographers

Photographers with high sales volume


essence theme store page

Essence’s minimalist design lets your photos shine. Its clutter-free interface ensures nothing distracts from your images, ideal for photographers with a clean, modern aesthetic.

Developer –  Alloy Themes

Price – $250

Theme Styles –  NA

Shopify 2.0 compatible – Yes

Speed –  78/100

Customization Level: High

Rating –  100% (2 reviews)

Theme Features

26 customizable sections 

User-friendly settings

Specifically designed features to boost conversions 

Quick buy options 

Cross-selling products


A smooth browsing experience with a fast loading speed

Longer-form text sections for sharing creative processes or detailed product descriptions


There is not so much information available about pre-designed styles or additional features

Who Is the Theme For?

Brand-oriented photographers

Photographers focused on sales

Photographers with text-based content


mono theme store page

Mono’s sleek, monochromatic design provides a sophisticated backdrop for your photos. Its contrast-rich layout makes your images pop, perfect for black-and-white or color photography alike.

Developer –  Slash Themes

Price – $200

Theme Styles –  3 Styles (Vanilla, Folk, Handcraft)

Shopify 2.0 compatible – Yes

Speed –  58/100

Customization Level: High

Rating –  98% (62 reviews)

Theme Features

SEO Optimization 

The theme’s design elements guide visitors toward making purchases

Product filtering

Inventory management

Customer reviews


Mono’s functionalities cater to both new and established businesses

The theme is known for its user-friendly interface


The design might not be as visually striking as some other options

A smaller range of pre-designed styles compared to some competitors

Who Is the Theme For?

New & established online stores

SEO-focused businesses

Businesses focused on conversions


motion theme store page

Motion brings your photos to life. Its dynamic design elements and smooth transitions create an engaging browsing experience, ideal for photographers who want to add a touch of interactivity to their store.

Developer –  Archetype Themes

Price – $360

Theme Styles –  3 Styles (Classic, Elegant, Minimal)

Shopify 2.0 compatible – Yes

Speed –  49/100

Customization Level: High

Rating –  97% (486 reviews)

Theme Features

A toolbox with over 20 customizable sections

Product sales points

Multiple landing page options

Smooth, high-quality animations 

Collage options on both the list and callout sections


The theme’s functionalities are to incorporate storytelling elements

Motion is built to handle high-volume stores

Boosts conversions and increases sales


With a wide range of features and customization options, Motion might have a steeper learning curve compared to simpler themes

Motion falls on the higher end of the price spectrum

Who Is the Theme For?

Brand-conscious businesses

Storytelling businesses and the ones willing to invest

High-volume stores

What Makes a Good Shopify Theme for Photographers?

What are the hallmarks of a truly exceptional Shopify photography theme. The theme needs to be the foundation upon which you build your online gallery – the space where visitors enjoy your visual artistry.

High-Resolution Image Support

Your photographs deserve to be presented in all their glory. The best Shopify theme for photographers should seamlessly display high-resolution images without compromising loading speed. Visitors need to be able to appreciate the details and captivating emotions within your work.

Portfolio Showcase Options

A wide range of layouts and functionalities is important when presenting your portfolio. For example, captivating grids that present your specifically selected work or dynamic carousels that allow the visitors to navigate easily through a series of images.

Image Gallery Customization

A great photography Shopify theme empowers you to customize the look and feel of your image galleries. This involves selecting color palettes, choosing fonts that resonate with your brand voice, or incorporating design elements that reflect your artistic approach.

SEO Optimization for Images

SEO is crucial for making your work reach the right audience. A great theme integrates with SEO best practices for images. This includes features that allow you to incorporate proper alt-text tagging, giving search engines valuable context about your photographs. Fast loading is also essential, as a visitor is unlikely to wait for slow-loading pages.

Integration With Social Media and Sharing Options

The beauty of photography lies in its ability to awaken emotions and connect with them on a personal level. A good theme facilitates the sharing of your work on social media platforms. This can be a strategically placed social media button that allows visitors to share their favorite photographs with their networks.

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