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10 Best Shopify Themes for Pet Stores

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Ana Gelevska

When setting up an online pet store, choosing the right Shopify pet store theme is important for creating a visually appealing and functionally robust store for pet lovers. 

Regardless of whether you’re showcasing pet food, accessories, or services, these themes are designed to help maximize your site’s effectiveness and customer satisfaction. 

10 Best Shopify Themes for Pet Stores

RankThemePriceRatingMobile SpeedShopify 2.0 CompatibleDeveloperCustomization LevelTheme Styles
1Yuva$25099% (68 reviews)47/100YesShine Dezign Infonet (Shopify)High5 styles (Amaze, Woofy, Classic, Bold, Elegant)
2Loft$28092% (169 reviews)61/100YesTrailblaze Media (Shopify)Medium3 styles (Nashville, Kansas City, Lawrence)
3Fetch$36095% (19 reviews)51/100YesArchetype Themes (Shopify)Medium3 styles (Bark, Hush, Play)
4Upscale$350100% (12 reviews)49/100Yes Loess inc. (Shopify)Medium5 styles (Gem, Silk, Onyx, Clay, Amber)
5Minion$25090% (10 reviews)63/100YesSoftali (Shopify)High5 styles (Vertical, Tiles, Classic, White, Red)
6Automation$260100% (9 reviews)47/100YesStickyt (Shopify)Medium3 styles (Default, Paws, Visions)
7Petty$59100% (5 reviews)55/100YesBuddhaThemes (Themeforest)MediumDefault
8Booster$32089% (70 reviews)44/100Yes Clean Canvas Ltd (Shopify)Medium4 styles (Spark, Flourish, Bloom, Inspire)
9Champion$35088% (8 reviews)43/100YesLoess inc. (Shopify)High5 styles (Flash, Vivid, Exhibit, Roast, Fringe)
10Stockmart$38086% (14 reviews)55/100YesSegment (Shopify)Medium5 styles (Modern, Classic, Minimal, Trendy, Vibrant)

1. Yuva

yuva theme woofy preset

Yuva is a versatile Shopify theme featuring a clean and modern design, perfect for pet stores aiming to showcase a large inventory attractively. Its customizable sections and responsive layout ensure a seamless shopping experience on any device. Comes with a preset “woofy” specifically designed for pet stores.

Theme Features

  • Sticky navigation
  • Pet-specific widgets to highlight your products effectively
  • Product comparison for informed shopping
  • Quick view options for an enhanced shopping experience


  • Visually striking
  • Easy to customize
  • Great for highlighting featured products
  • SEO-optimized


  • It may require you to have previous technical knowledge regarding the initial setup
  • Higher price point compared to other themes

Who Is the Theme For?

  • Upscale pet boutiques focused on a refined customer experience
  • Pet stores that process a lot of transactions in certain periods

2. Loft

loft theme store page with pet store preset

Loft’s clean and modern layout is ideal for showcasing a wide range of pet products. Its unique grid and slideshow features let you present pet supplies dynamically, while support for high-quality images and videos captures the playful spirit of your brand.

Theme Features

  • Minimalist design
  • Homepage slider to showcase your bestsellers
  • Blog integration… maybe for sharing pet care tips?
  • Newsletter signup feature


  • Clean, simple, and elegant design
  • Easy to set up and manage


  • It’s not ideal for stores with large inventories
  • It might be too expensive for small businesses

Who Is the Theme For?

  • Boutique pet shops that value simplicity and elegance.
  • Pet stores that are focused on high-volume sales.
  • Stores with large inventory and wide product ranges.

3. Fetch

fetch theme store page with pet store preset

Fetch offers a dynamic and user-friendly experience with its sleek design and powerful search features. It simplifies finding and purchasing pet supplies, with built-in quick view and product filtering options.

Theme Features

  • Quick add-to-cart and cross-selling options 
  • Product filtering and sorting
  • Designed to support high-quality imagery


  • Highly specialized for service-oriented pet stores
  • Integration with social media
  • A wide range of merchandising features are available


  • Requires frequent updates to maintain functionality
  • Less focus on product sales

Who Is the Theme For?

  • Pet care services like grooming and training centers
  • Pet stores that also do in-person selling

4. Upscale

upscale theme store page

Upscale’s luxurious and sophisticated theme is tailored for premium pet stores. It offers large image areas for detailed product displays and includes advanced features like customizable sections and promotional banners to highlight your best items and special deals.

Theme Features

  • Advanced search so that your customers can easily browse through products
  • Dynamic content loading
  • Promo pop-ups and tiles
  • Many features that focus on marketing and conversion


  • Offers premium shopping experience with great visual design
  • Advanced promotional tools
  • Designed with flexibility in mind


  • It may be too complex for new users
  • One of the more expensive themes for pet stores

Who Is the Theme For?

  • High-end pet stores focusing on luxury pet products
  • Dropshippers in the pet industry

5. Minion

minion theme

Minion’s fun and engaging theme is perfect for online pet stores targeting young pet owners and families.

Theme Features

  • Colorful and cute template
  • Fun animations
  • Social media integration
  • Community features


  • Vibrant, engaging template
  • Great for building a community
  • Thumb-friendly design


  • It may not be suitable for a more conservative or upscale market
  • It may have a steeper learning curve

Who Is the Theme For?

  • Pet stores that aim to create a fun and interactive shopping experience
  • Pet stores that are looking to launch their website without too much hassle

6. Automation

automation theme paws preset for pet stores

Automation is a robust, feature-rich theme designed to handle extensive product catalogs, making it perfect for large pet stores. Its dynamic product recommendations and streamlined checkout processes enhance the shopping experience and drive higher conversion rates.

Theme Features

  • Automated inventory updates
  • Email marketing integration
  • Customer segmentation


  • Highly efficient for managing large inventories
  • Robust marketing features
  • Works well with all devices


  • Higher learning curve due to complex features
  • Requires familiarity with automation tools

Who Is the Theme For?

  • Large pet stores with extensive inventories and a focus on scalability
  • Pet stores that are looking to showcase their products visually

7. Petty

petty theme store page demo

Petty is crafted specifically for pet stores, designed to appeal to pet owners. Its customizable layouts and playful elements cater to specialty products, creating a unique and delightful shopping experience.

Theme Features

  • User-friendly design
  • Custom categories for pets
  • Optimized for both desktop and mobile use
  • AJAX wishlist available


  • Accessible and easy to use
  • Promotes community engagement
  • SEO-optimized
  • Lazy-loading optimized


  • Limited advanced features for larger stores
  • Some might find the customization options limited compared to other themes

Who Is the Theme For?

  • Small to medium-sized pet stores focusing on community and local services
  • Pet stores looking to create a visually appealing online presence

8. Boost

boost theme store page

Boost is tailored for pet stores looking to improve online visibility and increase sales. It features built-in SEO optimization and high-speed performance, ensuring quick load times and better search engine rankings. It supports high-resolution images and videos, allowing stores to showcase products in vivid detail.

Theme Features

  • High-performance design
  • SEO optimization so that your customers can easily find your website
  • Advanced product filters for simpler product discovery
  • Mobile-first layout


  • Fast and responsive
  • Excellent for mobile users
  • Feature-rich sections


  • A basic design that might not suit all brands
  • The price isn’t that budget-friendly

Who Is the Theme For?

  • Pet stores that prioritize speed and mobile accessibility
  • High-volume pet stores

9. Champion

champion theme store page

Champion’s bold and striking design is perfect for pet stores that want to make a strong impression.

Theme Features

  • Sports-inspired design
  • Leaderboard features
  • Rewards programs
  • Competitive comparisons


  • Unique and engaging design
  • Encourages repeat visits and customer loyalty
  • Packed with many advanced features


  • Niche appeal may not attract all pet owners
  • Requieres you to have previous experience with Shopify

Who Is the Theme For?

  • Pet stores with a focus on active, sporty pets and their owners
  • Pet stores prioritizing quick launch

10. Stockmart

stockmart theme store page

Stockmart is perfect for pet stores with a diverse product range, offering a robust design that efficiently supports large inventories.

Theme Features

  • Bulk product management
  • Wholesale options
  • Streamlined checkout process
  • B2B features


  • Ideal for handling large volumes of sales
  • Supports wholesale needs
  • Huge collection of necessary sections


  • It could be overly complex for inexperienced businesses
  • Limited design options that not everyone will be fond of

Who Is the Theme For?

  • Large-scale pet supplier stores and wholesalers focusing on volume sales
  • Pet stores that also do in-person selling

Should I choose a theme specifically designed for pet stores?

A theme specifically designed for pet stores makes setting up your online store significantly easier. 

These themes are tailored to meet the unique needs of pet businesses, with tried and tested features that cater to your target audience. 

They come with pre-built sections for showcasing products, services, and customer testimonials, making it easier for you to create a professional and engaging website.

By investing in a specialized theme, you’re more likely to fit in with the style your customers expect, as well as attract and retain customers with a great store experience, ultimately boosting your sales and growing your business.

What to Look for In a Good Shopify Pet Store Theme

The journey of choosing the right Shopify pet store theme isn’t only about picking the cutest paw print background or the brightest colors. When you choose a theme, you need to find a digital den that makes both you and your furry, feathery, or scaly customers wag their happy tails. 

Each Shopify theme typically offers a “live demo” option where you can preview the theme in action. This helps you see how your products would look and feel on your site before making a decision. When selecting the perfect pet store Shopify theme, you also need to sniff out a few important things, which are listed below.

Conversion-focused Features

Look for elements like built-in product filters, promotional banners, and call-to-action buttons. Tabs for product reviews and trust badges help build credibility and boost sales.


Today’s pet parents mostly shop on the move, probably with a leash in one hand and a phone in the other. Make sure the theme looks good on mobile devices and is easy to navigate so your customers can shop without their furry friends pulling them away.

Loading Speed

A slow pet shop site is a big turn-off for customers. If the theme loads as a tortoise, potential customers will bounce back fast. 

Fast-loading themes reduce bounce rates and improve engagement.

Use tools like Google PageSpeed Insights to check theme performance. Or check our top pet store list below where we have gathered page speed insights on each recommended theme.


Your pet shop should be easy to find. Always go for an SEO-optimized theme, which will help your pet shop gain visibility and attract more organic traffic. SEO optimization helps your site claw its way to the top of search results. It helps you attract more human companions.

Which Online Pet Business Is Most Profitable?

Operating a profitable pet business depends on market demand, business model, and target audience. 

We’ve used our Shopify spy tool the Koala inspector to get the data on the top Shopify pet stores so you can see everything from niche to store design of the best stores in 2024. 

Here’s a look at the 8 most profitable online pet businesses right now. 

  1. Pet Food and Treats: Globally, the pet food industry generates billions annually. High-quality, specialized diets, organic options, and gourmet treats expand profit margins significantly.
  2. Pet Grooming: Mobile grooming services, in particular, offer higher profitability due to convenience. Regular grooming needs ensure a steady customer flow, boosting revenue.
  3. Pet Boarding and Daycare: Owners seek reliable care for their pets during vacations or work hours. High demand in urban areas leads to consistent profit.
  4. Pet Training and Behavior Services: Training classes and behavioral consultations generate revenue, especially for dog owners. Specialized training, including service animal preparation, can command higher prices.
  5. Pet Apparel and Accessories: As pet owners increasingly view their pets as family members, spending on apparel and accessories rises. Offering unique and fashionable items can lead to higher margins.
  6. Veterinary Services: Always in demand, veterinary clinics provide essential care. Offering ancillary services like dental care, vaccinations, and wellness checks increases profitability.
  7. Pet Insurance: With growing awareness of pet health, more owners invest in pet insurance. Providers see consistent revenue and low claim ratios compared to traditional insurance businesses.
  8. Pet Sitting and Walking Services: Busy professionals often require pet sitting or walking services, ensuring a steady customer base and recurring income.

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Ana Gelevska
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