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Best Shopify Themes Like AliExpress in 2024

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aliexpress like shopify themes
Ana Gelevska

Aliexpress has long been considered a cornerstone in the world of dropshipping, thanks to its huge range of products and competitive prices.

It’s a massive e-commerce portal similar to eBay or Amazon, where customers can find various products a group of sellers offers.

Apart from its optimal product selection and strategic marketing, the seamless theme of AliExpress’ website makes it a popular choice among businesses and consumers globally.

Being the leading online wholesale store for dropshipping, it acts as a model for aspiring dropshipping store owners.

In this article, we’ll explore the 5 best Shopify themes for photography stores in 2024.

We gathered the details of each theme using the theme detector feature of our custom tool Koala Inspector.

5 Shopify Themes Like AliExpress

RankThemePriceRatingMobile SpeedDeveloperCustomization LevelTheme StylesShopify 2.0 Compatible
1Avenue$28097% (235 reviews)48/100Red Plug Design Co.High3 Styles (Casual, Precise, Lively)Yes
2Boost$32089% (70 reviews)44/100 Clean Canvas Ltd Medium4 styles (Spark, Flourish, Bloom, Inspire)Yes
3Broadcast$36094% (219 reviews)53/100Invisible ThemesHigh4 Styles (Clean, Modern, Bright, Bold)Yes
4Warehouse$32085% (278 reviews)70/100MaestroooMedium3 Styles (Metal, Wood, Fabric)Yes
5Prestige$38090% (623 reviews)53/100Maestrooo High3 styles (Vogue, Couture, Allure)Yes


avenue theme

Avenue shines for large inventory stores. Its clean grid layout and advanced filtering options help shoppers easily navigate through numerous products. Perfect for stores offering a wide range of items across multiple categories.

Developer –  Red Plug Design Co.

Price – $280

Theme Styles –  3 Styles (Casual, Precise, Lively)

Shopify 2.0 compatible – Yes

Speed –  48/100

Customization Level: High

Rating –  97% (235 reviews)

Theme Features

Responsive design for outstanding shopping experience both on mobile and desktop

SEO optimized with advanced metadata management 

Product page layout (choose between an image gallery or a standard image carousel) 


Highly praised among customers

Unlimited free trial

Quick setup

Reasonable price

Versatile style and great customer support


Limited integrations (might require additional apps for some niche functionalities)

Feature overload, which might be overwhelming for beginners

Who Is the Theme For

Clothing dropshippers

Electronic retailers

Furniture stores

Beauty and cosmetic stores


boost theme store page

Boost lives up to its name by enhancing sales potential. Its mobile-optimized design and quick-view features speed up browsing, ideal for stores with high product turnover and frequent deals.

Developer –  Clean Canvas Ltd

Price – $320

Theme Styles –  4 styles (Spark, Flourish, Bloom, Inspire)

Shopify 2.0 compatible – Yes

Speed –  44/100

Customization Level: Medium

Rating –  89% (70 reviews)

Theme Features

Fast performance keeping visitors engaged and ready to shop

Smoothly loading images, preventing initial lag, and keeping the website light and responsive

Capturing leaving visitors with exit-intent popups in the form of messages and targeted offers


Smooth navigation on every device and lighting-fast page loads

Maximizing the sale potential through one-page checkout, exit-intent popups, and upselling tools

Visual storytelling for a memorable shopping experience


Some customization features may require additional exploration and familiarization

Some of the build-in features might overlap with existing apps in your Shopify store

Who Is the Theme For

High-fashion retailers

High-end makeup stores

Fitness centers


Broadcast theme store page

Broadcast helps your products reach a wider audience. Its promotional sections and customizable homepage make it easy to highlight new arrivals and best-sellers, great for stores constantly updating their inventory.

Developer –  Invisible Themes

Price – $360

Theme Styles –  4 Styles (Clean, Modern, Bright, Bold)

Shopify 2.0 compatible – Yes

Speed –  53/100

Customization Level: High

Rating –  94% (219 reviews)

Theme Features

Easily build and highly customizable store layout thanks to the drag-and-drop section builder

Mobile responsive design for a seamless shopping experience on every device

Limited-edition product offerings and countdown timers to generate urgency

Fast loading speed and performance


A modern and clean aesthetic with multiple customizable options regarding fonts, colors, and layouts 

Content-driven approach for a deeper connection with your customers

Easy layout customization 


It may not be ideal for stores with a vast number of products

Not suitable for brands with unconventional flair

You may need some time to understand better the theme’s capabilities and settings

Who Is the Theme For

Haircare brands

Clothing and fashion niche stores

Consumer packaged goods business


warehouse theme store page

Warehouse efficiently manages large product catalogs. Its robust search functionality and multi-level menus help customers find exactly what they need, even in stores with thousands of items.

Developer –  Maestrooo

Price – $320

Theme Styles –  3 Styles (Metal, Wood, Fabric)

Shopify 2.0 compatible – Yes

Speed –  70/100

Customization Level: Medium

Rating –  85% (278 reviews)

Theme Features

Tailored for extensive product catalogs, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for the audience 

Easily customizable to suit your store’s unique style

The theme includes a stock level indicator that indicates whether products are in stock, low, or out of stock

The theme excels in a lighting-fast browsing experience 


The theme has advanced features designed to maximize sales, like exit popups and predictive search tools 

Strong page speed performance

Lifetime email support with a dedicated team of experts


Limited theme documentation that may lead to inefficiencies or frustration in the setup process

Mobile responsiveness issues on particular devices, especially on Google Pixels

Who Is the Theme For

Business with high sales volume

Established business with a long product list

Tech gadgets retailers 


prestige theme store home page

Prestige elevates the look of high-volume stores. Its sleek design and customizable product badges help create a more upscale feel, ideal for stores looking to stand out in a crowded market.

Developer –  Maestrooo

Price – $380

Theme Styles –  3 styles (Vogue, Couture, Allure)

Shopify 2.0 compatible – Yes

Speed –  53/100

Customization Level: High

Rating –  90% (623 reviews)

Theme Features

Allows creating multi-layer mega menu for showcasing various collections, bundles, and product catalogs

Newsletter sign-ups and promotional pop-ups that can attract the audience

Image slideshow that delivers visuals of the products

Product suggestions, reviews, and recently seen items for establishing credibility 


A striking design which stands as a synonym for elegance and sophistication

Outstanding customer service provided by a dedicated support staff

A variety of features that enhance the store’s customer experience and usability

Impressive performance score that stimulates the customer’s reliability and increases conversion rates


Limited personalized customization due to the restriction of some customization options for which you will need additional coding knowledge 

The theme requires incorporating high-resolution images, which, on the other hand, might extend the loading time

Who Is the Theme For

High-end luxury and clothing companies

Beauty and cosmetic stores

Art galleries

Boutique jewelry stores

What Makes a Good AliExpress Alternative Theme? 

Choosing the right theme is fundamental in turning your online store into a successful story. You should opt for a Shopify theme like Aliexpressif you would like to find a theme that would be able to:

  • Reflect your business identity
  • Effectively display your products and services
  • Provide customers with an enjoyable and smooth experience
  • Make your store visually attractive and easily navigated

Scalability and Performance

Both Shopify and Aliexpress offer features that are aimed at different e-commerce aspects. When searching for a Shopify AliExpress theme, it is crucial to take into consideration some features like scalability and performance. 

Advanced Search and Filtering

Another key feature of an alternative AliExpress theme for Shopify is the advanced search and filtering system. 

The advanced filtering option helps the client find the product they are looking for faster and easier among thousands of other products. This option can also help you filter products based on keywords, price range, category, etc. 

The advanced search filter not only provides an efficient item search process but also allows customers to focus on products within their niche.

Multi-language and Currency Support

One of the essential features that you should look for if you want to have a Shopify theme like AliExpress is multi-language and currency support. 

If you want to turn your e-commerce store into a global marketplace, you should tailor it to the needs of thousands of customers across the globe. You can do this by introducing this feature on your website, so the customers can use their own language and their own currency while shopping.

Promotion and Discount Tools

Another key feature in attracting new buyers and keeping the old ones is the promotion and discount tool. Of course, before introducing bundle deals and special promotions, you should do research on competitor prices and adjust your own prices so you can remain competitive in your niche.

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Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
Ana is a creative and customer-oriented freelance writer with over 5 years of experience working with eCommerce global clients. Ana enjoys breaking down the latest eCommerce trends and diving into the needs of today’s merchants.

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