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Best Shopify Spy Tool: Koala Inspector matrix

Over the past few years, many people have found new ways to earn money online. In fact, in the post-covid landscape, e-commerce is booming like never before. But with so many of us entering the online marketplace for the first time, it can be difficult to know how to find customers and make sales.


But just because the marketplace is crowded doesn’t mean there isn’t room for another successful online store. Websites like Shopify have made it easier than ever to sell products online, and if you know how to play the game correctly, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can climb the ranks and start pulling in profits. But first…


What Exactly Is Shopify?

The Canadian multinational company Shopify Inc. allows users to set up online stores and sell their products through their subscription-based software. In addition to an online presence, Shopify store owners can also sell in brick-and-mortar locations through the software’s point-of-sale app. To simplify this, Shopify seamlessly syncs inventory and stocks so that merchants can conveniently manage both their digital and physical stores from one account.


Not convinced about the benefits of choosing Shopify for your e-commerce store? What if we told you that Shopify has nearly 11 percent of total e-commerce market share? What about the fact that the number of people who bought products from Shopify merchants increased by over 50% between 2019 and 2020? These numbers are no joke, and they represent a massive opportunity to sellers looking to muscle in on the action. So… how to go about it?


Shopify Spy Tool


Finding Success on Shopify Using Shopify Spy Tool

Shopify handles everything from marketing and payments to secure checkout and shipping and allows businesses to grow their brand on one unified platform. In addition, they also offer social media integration, easy set-up with over 100 professional themes, and a free 14-day trial. Because Shopify provides fast, responsive, and reliable services that are affordable, it has grown to be a leader in the e-commerce sphere, and thousands of business owners now use it to sell their products online.


To ensure success, your Shopify store needs to have sufficient traffic to boost sales. This traffic then needs to convert into sales numbers. Figuring out how to do this can be overwhelming and time-consuming. And in a sea of competitors, you may be asking yourself: “How can I stand out? How can I efficiently monitor competitors, keep track of trends and provide my target market with exactly what they are looking for?” The answer: Koala Inspector, the best Shopify spy tool!


What is the Shopify Spy Tool – Koala Inspector?

Koala Inspector is a tool for Shopify merchants and dropshippers who want to analyze competitor performance – in other words, it’s a spy tool. It’s excellent for tracking competitor products and every other aspect of their Shopify store, including the apps they use and their store theme. As a powerful market research tool, it is used not only to help you identify what to focus your e-commerce store on but also to spy on your competitors’ online strategies. Koala Inspector can help improve your conversion rates and offers excellent customer service with 24/7 chat support.

In sum, Koala Inspector can help you find out more about your competitors, identify new opportunities in your industry, and learn how to improve your own site’s collections and campaigns. All you need to do is download Koala Inspector as a Google Chrome extension, install and start using it.


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Top Features of  Shopify Spy Tool Koala Inspector

Widely known as the best Shopify spy tool, Koala Inspector boasts several outstanding features that can impact your e-commerce store enormously and provide unmatched support to take your business to the next level. Koala Shopify Inspector will show you all the following about your competitors:

  • Apps –  Koala Inspector will let you identify which Shopify apps your competitors are using, including all free and paid apps they have installed in their store. Discovering which apps your competitors use can help you set up your own store. Perhaps you come across one that you weren’t aware of but find to be helpful? If a competitor uses an app, it’s at least worth exploring.
  • Themes – The right Shopify theme can make a good first impression and help attract customers. Knowing which theme your competitors are using can be helpful for deciding on your own. Whatever you choose in terms of branding and look, make sure your theme is easy to navigate, will engage customers, and is well designed.
  • Newest Products – The latest products indicate trends and allow you to check whether you’re keeping up with the latest in your niche and industry.
  • Bestsellers – Having a list of items customers tend to buy the most can have significant benefits and help you decide on inventory. It can also give you an idea of products that may not sell well and take up unnecessary space and attention away from products that are best to focus on.
  • Traffic/Monthly Visits – Knowing where your traffic is coming from, what people are searching for, and how they get to your website is vital when you have an e-commerce website.
  • Traffic Sources & Countries – Understanding traffic sources can be helpful to improve bounce rates and ensure that you are getting as much organic search traffic as possible. It also enables you to optimize for keywords that you know are working.
  • Social Links – Social media sites of competitors give you insight into what type of marketing and branding works for them. It can provide some inspiration for your own marketing strategy and show you which channels may be worth pursuing.
  • First and Last Published Products – This can help you identify current trends and help you decide on which products to push in your store.
  • The Number of Products – Having a wide inventory can attract more customers. But some shops only focus on a few products and specialize in them. Learn how many products your competitors handle and compare them with your own store.
  • Price Range – It’s no secret that customers often choose a product based on price points. A slightly lower price can give you an edge, so knowing your competitors’ pricing can help you determine your own.


Shopify Spy Tool - How can you leverage information through Koala Inspector?


How can you leverage information through Koala Inspector?

When you use the Koala Inspector spy tool, you find out valuable information about competing stores. Once you have this information, you can make informed decisions about your own store based on your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.


You’ll know which products to push, what prices to set, which marketing initiatives to invest in, where to find traffic, which audiences to target, and what not to waste your time on. Not only will this save you time and lead to quicker success, but it will also eliminate the frustration of trying and testing products, prices, marketing tools, and other business tools that simply won’t work for your store.


How to Use The Shopify Spy Tool – Koala Inspector

While there are two paid versions, Koala Inspector can also be used entirely for free.

However, for extended features, choose the Professional version for $7.99/month which gets you 10 Export CSV credits, 10 Find Retailers credits, 20 Site Traffic credits, and 3 Shop Tracking credits.

The Ultimate version is priced at $19.99/month and comes with a whopping 150 Export CSV credits, 50 Find Retailers credits, 100 Site Traffic credits, and 20 Shop Tracking credits.


Koala Inspector is extremely easy to install and straightforward to use. Viewing a shop’s secrets only requires a single click. Because you get results instantly, you save plenty of time which you can invest in growing your business. The service is entirely transparent, and when using Koala Inspector, nothing will be hidden behind closed doors.

All you need to do to find out your competitors’ secrets is add the extension to your browser. Then, simply click the Koala Inspector icon when visiting any store and make use of the information you receive to optimize your own store and business.


And remember… sourcing the data from Koala Inspector is only half the job. Once you have your findings, you need to interpret them, understand them and action them. Do this by mapping out the best strategy that other Shopify stores are executing and then implement those best practices into your own store. Then, keep experimenting with different methods until you find your sweet spot.

Ready to Find Out More About Your Competitors?

Save time while setting up and managing your eCommerce store and find success quicker by understanding what works for your competitors. Easily decide which niches, trends, products, and suppliers will make you the most money, and be ahead of everybody by stealing the tactics of your fiercest e-commerce competitors.


Start spying on your competitors today with the best of all Shopify spy tools! All you have to do is download Koala App’s Shopify Inspector Google Chrome Extension and you’re set! Whether you are dropshipping or selling your own brand through Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, or another e-commerce platform, Koala Inspector is a must-have tool to find success with your online store!


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