Usage of eCommerce tools is amazingly increasing day-by-day. Majorly because of their beneficial and purposeful features that enable users to improve their Shopify Store and defeat their competitors behind.

It would not be wrong to mention that this application functions as an allrounder inspector tool for Shopify stores. If you are not aware of the capabilities of this app, then you must read further.

This application is such a powerful tool that can help in market research. Right from assessing what product is trending to which product is best-selling, what designs are most popular, and what theme your competitors are using, users can find all these details. Actually, Koala Application can reveal a lot of things about your competitors.

It can also expose the Apps, theme name, newest products, bestsellers, monthly traffic, the sources of the traffic and countries, the social links, first and last published products, and plenty more. It can also reveal the price ranges and even the number of products in your rival’s Shopify Store. There is also a new feature that not many users are aware of, which enables us to export CSV files. These files can contain product information regarding bestsellers, price ranges, product names, and et cetera. In all, having a commerce inspector chrome for your Shopify Store can grow your sales at a good pace.

If you go for the koala app download, that simply means that the user(s) can keep an eye on their competitors. They can evaluate what strategy they are using or adopting. It is a free cross-platform application that can be used regardless of the Operating System (OS) that users have.

So, try to download Koala Apps now and make your Shopify store win.

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