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Koala Inspector

The best Shopify Chrome extension to track competitors, uncover best-selling products & discover winning themes. Reveal all the secrets behind every Shopify store in just 1-click!

Shopify Theme Detector

Discover the Shopify theme of any site at a glance! With just one click, inspect any Shopify theme, pinpoint your competitors’ choices, and uncover the top themes to boost your eCommerce sales.

Average Shopify Store Revenue Calculator

Understanding your competitors’ revenue is crucial for gauging their success and uncovering actionable insights. By analyzing the financial performance of other stores, you can identify successful strategies to adopt and adapt for your own Shopify store, ensuring continuous growth and competitiveness.

Koala Inspector Online ShopSpy

The Koala Apps team has partnered with SemRush to present the Ultimate app designed for advertisers to monitor their competitors closely. Stay informed about your competitors’ Shopify stores through live updates, including their latest product launches, price modifications, and aesthetic transformations.


Koala Apps lights the way in the e-commerce jungle, offering tools that put users ahead in the competitive online marketplace.

Koala Apps empowers users to optimize their Shopify stores effectively, ensuring standout success in the bustling e-commerce landscape.

Learn With Shopify

514K subscribers

With koala inspector you can easily see your competitors top selling products in descending order along with the prices. visit your competitors' websites to get a better feel for the landscape.

The Ecom King

551K subscribers

It was so successful because it's an untapped niche in the drop shipping community so let's have a look at what this website is doing at the moment so if we look at this chrome extension which is called cola inspector you can see…

Justin Cener

40.2K subscribers

Koala Inspector really really cool and powerful tool this is what i use this is what i highly recommend when it comes to dropshipping on shopify

What Bloggers Are Saying About Us

Sam Jacobs

7.75K subscribers

You can actually find out from Koala Inspector how much sales that store is doing and that can give you a great idea of if the product's doing well or not, then just re-engineer it

Brook Hiddink

68.1K subscribers | High Ticket E-Commerce

Using a Chrome extension called Koala inspector to see what are their best selling products then make a list of their best selling product suppliers

Ed Codes

18.7K subscribers | Shopify Tutorials

Koala inspector and yeah this is one of those tools that lets you spy on your competitors

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Incredibly powerful tool for any e-commerce retailer. All of the necessary competitive data you need to run your business efficiently against your competition is just a click away. Can’t grow our business without it.”

Nick Bozzuto

“The effective comppetitor spy tool for my store. I regret lately spending twice with some apps while all I needed was Koala. Now, having a glimpse about what is working in this industry is a great chance.”

Tony Pongo

“Installing Koala Inspector was easy, and it’s been somewhat useful for scoping out the competition. It’s a nice tool to have in the arsenal for managing a Shopify store, plus the support team is helpful when you need them.”

Rościsław Zielinski

“After hearing about it here and there, I tried Koala Inspector out of curiosity. It’s pretty straightforward and does give some interesting insights into what apps are popular. The team behind it seems supportive too.”


“ I’ve been using Koala Inspector to get a feel for what others in my niche are doing. The customer service is decent—they’ve been quick to respond when I’ve had questions.”

Luan Barros Goncalves

“I am so impress with Koala inspector not only is it s useful app the customer service and live chat I had with James was Awesome he was so helpful. I am still learning he was very patient.”

L Mar

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