3-Step Guide to Build Your Normal Dropshipping Store a Brand

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You may already know how important brands are to the customers. Whatever product they are finding to buy, they primarily look for branded ones.


That says how branding is super important to your business, and that’s especially true if you’re dropshipping with Shopify.


The reason is, there are typically more than one dropshippers selling a given, great product, or we should say you won’t be the only one selling it. So, only good branding sets you as a trusted seller among all.


It is human nature to get attracted to what is already recognized, and that is strictly applicable for online stores too. So you’ll only get more sales if you build a brand that feels familiar to your customers.


Thinking, how to become a brand? Check out these three vital steps!


  •     Do Things to Become Recognizable


When we see commercials that Santa Claus is sending a message of bringing family and friends together, we know it’s Coca-Cola. Sure it’s an old ad from 1931, but the fact is, not only people recognize cola with Santa Claus but also Santa due to cola.


Yes, the Santa image you know today was first portrayed in 1931 by Haddon Sundblom, especially for Santa’s first appearance in Cola advertising.


We are stating this old advertisement because it shows how being recognizable among the audience, with some unique style and image, offers an exclusive opportunity to make your customers choose you over the competition as they actually pick to buy your famous brand.


That’s why you must spend some time choosing a catchy logo, colors, a powerful tagline, etc. You can even put your efforts into finding a suitable, engaging theme for which you can also use an eCommerce inspector to determine what themes your rivals are using.


Also, stick to your company’s mission, vision, values, and especially the message you want to send out.


Sure, you will need to do much hard work to find a suitable color theme and message for your store. But once you do – be constant. It will strengthen your brand’s recognizability and offer you loyalty and trust from your customers, as well as a better market position.


  •     Give Your Customers a Personalized Experience


When you think of branding, customer service might not immediately come to your mind. But, anyway, it is true how attempting unique and personalized customer support can go a long way in transforming your ordinary store into a brand. Based on recent research, around 80 percent of consumers only do business with a company that offers personalized experiences to them.


So, consider how you personalize the customer experience as you develop your brand. It should be in a way that vocalizes your goals and mission, and overall brand identity.


You can start by delivering branded packaging experiences. As seen, people potentially share the memorable unboxing via social media (if they like it), which eventually makes you famous.


  •     Analyze Your Competitors


Most importantly, to become a brand, you need to do something unique and different from others. But for that, first, you need to know what your so-called successful rivals are doing. Well, Koala Apps Shopify Inspector can help you with this.


You can use Koala Apps’ Koala Inspector, a must-have for every dropshipper, to spy on any Shopify store you want.


It provides you with all the information behind every Shopify store, be it the best products, the best pricing, the plugins, and much more.


Plus, if you want to find out the apps your competitor is using, you can get with the Shopify App Detector.


In all, you can find out your competitors’ online strategies in complete detail. Try today!


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With 4 years of experience working with local and global clients on their branding and content marketing needs, Weeshyan is a customer-centric freelance writer based in Singapore, who enjoys coming up with coherent and resonant brand stories.

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